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“Dr. Cho is a faithful man who is devoted to everything and does his best. He is also a doctor of urban planning with deep understanding of urban housing, real estate investments and transactions. Most of all, I would like to bless his business in real estate inspection. Please thrive on business.”

Jeremy Moon, Allen, TX

“As a house buying customer, it is not easy to understand the condition of the property because most people are not familiar with the ground, mechanical, physical and electrical systems. MICRO is pursuing a professional approach that takes into account the time constraints and the comprehensiveness of the real estate and its transactions. As a loyal customer, I will always love the excellence of this company.”

Christie Kim, Plano, TX

“They go over and beyond a great job! And his after-inspection presentation was so amazing and easy to understand! Most inspectors like to just talk, but he seems to be pleased to take his time to show pictures with walk-through. And it was so cheaper than eve in Dallas, but still with quality. I would say his inspection uncovered a lot of things that I would have never even imagined on my own. He is a pleasure to rely on. Period!”

Daniel S. Jo, Frisco, TX

“Dr. Cho is still maintaining an international city planning firm traveling Korea and developing countries in Asia and Africa. He now also pours his passion on further development and dedication in real estate trading and inspection. He always loves to write reports, so his report was very well organized and deeper than others. I highly recommend his company's inspection specialized by his depth, logic and construction engineering experiences.”

Benjamin K. Park, Allen, TX

“Inspecting a property for sale is not enough simply looking at the physical condition of the house. It is important to know the potential value of real estate and the possibility of future development or retreat. This is primarily the knowledge of city planners and investors, but, in particular, MICRO have a deep understanding of these surrounding aspects of real estate. I would recommend and trust the company's excellency, which provides an excellent inspection report in the overall context of the property.”

Christopher E. Mitchell, Plano, TX

“Unlike other countries, American homes are mostly made of wood, which makes them very vulnerable to fire and leaks. Despite being expensive due to the nature of the property, real estate investments, once misplaced, result in significant financial and time loss. It is not just a performance check of a house, but we will stand in the position of the customer who buys the house. And we will not be under direct influence of brokers but will remain diligent, honest and scholarly.”

Dr. Peter CM Cho (CEO of MICRO), Allen, TX

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