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Wood is one of major home building components

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Whether you're buying, selling or just staying put. The best moves you can make to protect your most precious investment of real estate is obtaining a detailed home inspection. A thorough home inspection performed by one of TREC certified professional home inspectors at MICRO is worth the price!

Your property will be inspected to the Standards of Practice Set forth by the Texas Real Estate Commission(TREC).

This inspection is to verify the requested repairs done by the Sellers safely, adequately and accurately following codes.

After 11 months of residence at a newly purchased property, it is to verify its overall Conditions for Warranty repairs.


“As a house buying customer, it is not easy to understand the condition of the property because most people are not familiar with the ground, mechanical, physical and electrical systems. MICRO is pursuing a professional approach that takes into account the time constraints and the comprehensiveness of the real estate and its transactions. As a loyal customer, I will always love the excellence of this company.”

Christie Kim, Plano, TX

“Dr. Cho is a faithful man who is devoted to everything and does his best. He is also a doctor of urban planning with deep understanding of urban housing, real estate investments and transactions. Most of all, I would like to bless his business in real estate inspection. Please thrive on business.”

Jeremy Moon, Allen, TX

“They go over and beyond a great job! And his after-inspection presentation was so amazing and easy to understand! Most inspectors like to just talk, but he seems to be pleased to take his time to show pictures with walk-through. And it was so cheaper than eve in Dallas, but still with quality. I would say his inspection uncovered a lot of things that I would have never even imagined on my own. He is a pleasure to rely on. Period!”

Daniel S. Jo, Frisco, TX

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